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Vote Larry On April 3rd, 2017 as your social & fiscal Conservative choice

Larry Outlines His Vision for Calgary Midnapore to a Home Group

Larry Heather, BA. , BRE.
*Defending the Sanctity of Human Life
*Strong Border and National Defence
*Responsible Free Enterprise
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Campaign Line
403 - 253-0676

Mailing Address:
Box 42141
Southland Crossing P.O.
Calgary, Alberta T2J 7A6

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Thomas Lipp, Official Agent
for Larry Heather
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Email: jerusalem1@shaw.ca

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Larry's Platform In Calgary Midnapore

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Larry Welcomes Your Contributions!
Federal Tax Credit for Political Donations
Max. Contribution $1550 a year at all levels.
Contribution Credit Percentage Tax Credit
Credit on first $400 75% $300
Credit on $400 -$750 50% $175
Credit on $750 - $1275 33-1/3 $175
Maximum Credit yearly $650

Make Cheques Payable to: Thomas Lipp Official Agent for Larry Heather

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Electoral District Map Of Calgary-Midnapore
Calgary-Midnapore - pdf Large Size

Communities Within Calgary-Midnapore
Electoral District
1. Fairview 2. Acadia
3. WillowPark 4. MapleRidge
5. Lake Bonavista 6. Bonavista Downs
7. Queensland 8. Parkland
9. DeerRidge 10. DeerRun
11. Midnapore 12. Millrise
13. Shawnessy 14. Somerset
15. Sundance 16. Silverado
17. Chapparal 18. Walden
19. Legacy
You Vote in Calgary Midnapore

Questions on Advance Polling, Registering on Voter's List?
Phone Calgary-Midnapore Returning Office
Ph. 1-866-432-1027

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