Save Residential 1 Zoning in Calgary!

Intangible values of peace of mind and domain sovereignty magnetically cling around the tangible R1 zoning that made dynamic Calgary work.
Demolishing this work of organic art for flatminded density panic is a great degradation of Calgary's genuis.

There are a multitude of benefits to living in an R1 zoned neighborhood but Socialist Councillors are bound and determined to force everyone into 'mixed communities', the land use version of the Marxist classless society.

Suburbia is a natural consequence of a free enterprise society where each family unit has its own clearly defined livingspace and yard. This is a thing of beauty from the air, and is integral to the stability and growth of a free democracy composed of individual, independent family units.

"Losing the sovereign control of your own home, and not having the personal qualities or legislation necessary to control renters is something that many secondary suite applicants are regretful of."

Why R-1 Zoning?
Are You disturbed that Residential 1 Investments you made in your Calgary Community are being dissolved by free application giveaways
of $2200 a pop to those applying for a Secondary Suite Land Use Rezoning? What really is being lost here, and how can you defend yourself in a Public Hearing against such harmful designations?
This site is under construction, but please feel free to
contact us in the meantime at 403-253-0676

Volunteers are needed to organize a defense for every R1 Residential Zoned area in Calgary.

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Printed Submissions in Defense of R1 Preservation

The Irreplacable Role of Residential One
Zoning in Calgary - pdf

Why Defeat the 4 Ward Blanket Secondary Suite Rezoning
2015 Presentation to Calgary City Council - pdf 5 pages.

How the Break-up of Residential One Zoning transfers your
Land Investment value in R1 to the Applicant

How To Make Preservation of R1 Residential Zoning in Calgary

a Top 2017 Election Issue

* Communicate to your Incumbent Councillor or Prospective Candidates

that preserving R1 zoning is a top issue with you

* Press for a bylaw that will revoke secondary suite zoning for developments

that failed to materialize after 3 years.

( Lo and behold about 80% of applicants who could not afford the previous $2200 application fee, cannot afford the
development costs either.)

* Ask your Councillor to restore the application fees to secondary suite

applications. ( This now falls to surrounding taxpayers to pay for the ones getting the benefits. )

* Emphasize to Councillors that hearing applications for secondary suites
is among the most important uses of time a Councillor can make as it concerns most neighbors largest life capital investment!

( Despite all the Socialistic grousing media who don't like sitting thru long meetings. )

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