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     act one
SCENE                            ACTION DESCRIPTION


 Residents of Jerusalem celebrate the 100th. Anniversary of Hanukkah by singing their own special centennial song. Palat and his son Shimon attend to their metalworking trade, but Palat's wife Miriam, nurtures a larger ambition for her son's future.
We encounter a class in progress at the Yeshiva of Rabbi ben David. The Rabbi seeks to mentor a student blessed with the wisdom to interpret the prophecies of Daniel.
We travel to Hannah's family olive grove at Tekoa to visit Shimon's first cousin. She is meditating on her life's obsession to live near the Temple Mount in Yerushalyim. Her mother, Devorah is more concerned with other more immediate goals.
Miriam is pressing her son Shimon to consider studying under a more widely recognized scholar. Palat's heart is set on his son following in his trade as a metalworker.
The orders for the special order Hanukkah Menorahs begin to multiply from the distinguished recruiters for the scholarly religious parties. Contacts for Shimon are ripe for the taking.
Rabbi Yehudah is reminiscing of his youth as the son of a stonemason, and a special vision he nutured. He teaches his Yeshiva class on the awesome statue vision of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel's prediction the the Temple desecration. Shimon grows restive under Rabbi Yehudah's limitations.
Miriam's ambitious plans go full blown in crafting a full tilt Hanukkah party with a competitive edge. But Palat has grave premonitions. Miriam's enthusiasm in song, seems to catch like wildfire in the community as this act comes to a boisterous end.
          act two 
SCENE                            ACTION DESCRIPTION


First cousin Hannah and mother Devorah visit the much desired Yerushalyim with an olive oil delivery. Hannah catches up on the news of Shimon's life.  She seeks to persuade Shimon to give the famed wisdom teacher Yehudah, deeper consideration. 
Palat's sister Devorah adds her own agenda to the party mix - a matchmaking hit for her daughter among the scholarly guests. The recruiters begin to arrive with specialty menorahs proudly in tow for the big occasion. 
As the scholarly numbers increase, so do the complications as Miriam attempts to hold the lid on this strange brew. Rabbi Yehudah leads in the celebration of the final night of Hanukkah and recounts the victory of the courageous Maccabees.
A carefully structured contest begins as the recruiters compete for their scholarly student Shimon. But a fly enters the ointment and pandemonium threatens.  Rabbi Yehudah forcefully intervenes with  polished gems of wisdom in defense of his beloved student. Shimon face his searing humiliation with a heartfelt searching.
Back in class the next day, the longsuffering prayers of Rabbi Yehudah are answered in the new found revelation Shimon's experiences from the prophet Daniel and Zechariah. His fellow student peers are a harder crowd to please.
Back in Tekoa, Hannah reflects on the blessing of her trip to Yerushalyim and her long sought goal is near it's fruition. A night time storm arrives, and with it, some strange and wondrous sights in the misty night of the Tekoan hills.
The lives of Shimon and Hannah enter the weave of the fabric of history in a unique encounter in the future, as the song 'In Our Days' brings a completion to our evening's adventure.

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