(Lights rise on the marketplace which quickly fills with 
All the cast except the recruiters of the parties)

             One hundred Years (Reprise)           

by Larry Heather
Lead vocals by Cindy Fuller, Tree Browning & Larry Heather


Chorus One:

One hundred years since the Maccabees
Won for us a very great victory
Where they hid in the hills was a mystery
But when the Greeks weren't looking the made history

Verse Three:

Now we celebrate the days of dedication
Yudah cleansed the Temple from most vile desecration
Lit the holy lamps that beamed forth their light
A witness to the nations of the Adonai!


One hundred years ago they shone so bright
Olive oil that burned for eight days and nights
The few against the many by their faith won out,
A great miracle happened here is what we SHOUT!!

Chorus Two:

One Hundred Years since the Maccabees
Won for us a very great victory
 (slowing in pace now)
Now the looming shadow of great Rome is now in view
When will Messiah shine for us , to lead us through?

who has just arrived in Yerushalayim, is catching
up on the news from SHIMON have entered
the courtyard both carrying jugs of her father's olive oil)

....Yes we were able to deliver all of the olive oil to
the Temple. The harvest was right on time. And here is
the oil from the grove to the east. Your father will
sell this batch with his lamps.

How are things in Tekoa these days? Have you heard the
echo of the fig-dressing prophet in the hills there

Oh Shimon, no more questions about Amos please... I've
answered all I know about... Your ema tells me you have
some interesting guests coming to the Hanukkah party?

Yes, I guess it's time for me to be applying to a more
specialized field of study. I do need to explore my
possibilities, and Rabbi Yehudah does not seem to
be exactly what I need to get there.

Shimon, are you serious! The Yeshiva of Rabbi Yehudah
ben David is renowned in the south where I live.
He is one of the finest wisdom teachers in all of
Yisrael! You had better pray hard before you move on
to someone else!

But there are so many other choices....I should try
other paths with people who have more connections...

I will pray for you cousin Shimon. May Adonai light your
path of future study. Surely the Almighty has something
great in store for you!
(Devorah comes outside)

Hannah, please come inside at once! MIRIAM is beside
herself with all the preparations. Its not often you
have so many scholars coming to a celebration. The
right impressions must be made for our young scholar
here. And one of them may be looking for a wife.

ACT TWO ** SCENE Two Tree Of Light

( HANNAH enters home)

Well Devorah my sister, I'm disappointed Panuel was not
able to come. But you have brought a good supply of lamp oil I see.

Yes, he certainly made sure of that , but he had to stay
to send off a new shipment to Alexandria. This is our
busy season as well. But I couldn't miss the 100th
celebration and all the excitement here!

MIRIAM (entering courtyard)
Devorah, it is so good to have you and Hannah here to
help. I can't remember when I have put so much work
into something. And so much depends on the success of
this celebration. Hannah, could you finish adding the
jelly to the fried
sweet cakes?

Yes Aunt Miriam, it looks like there are about a minor
prophet's dozen to go. I do hope you will have time to
come to the Temple service after the party.

So Miriam, are there any prospects among the guests
you are inviting? Like some catch for my beautiful and
talented daughter. Of course someone who lives in the
city. Tekoa is so far from any real culture above
agricultural fairs.

Well, it might be tough to get a commitment from the
Hasid. He won't marry, he won't live in the city... but
the Sofer is young and well schooled,...on the other
hand the Perush has got to be wealthy and prudent...but
nothing would beat the connections of the
Z'adduk on the Sanhedrin....

Wonderful! Three out of four is no reason to suck
lemons! Hannah... go and get your festive headband and jewelry.

(Hannah pokes head out of house and returns)

PALAT (enters court from shop)
Ahh.. Miriam....Devorah..... Don't you think the agenda
for this party is getting a little too crowded?

My brother, the cautious one! When Fortune knocks, one
must invite Him in, no matter what the crowd!

You two have done a crowd's worth of scheming! ..Adam was
the luckiest man, he had no sisters!
(He returns to shop)

Miriam, is there anything else left to do?

Yes Devorah, could you take the time to hide the
Hasmonean coins around the courtyard?
(She hands her the bag of coins)
DEVORAH (distracted)
What more do you know of your guests?.... their
families. Is there anything to be gleamed from the
business records....

(DEVORAH & MIRIAM conspire in low voices)

Palat, could you go quick like a gazelle to the market
for some more Hebron grapes ...., and a jug of
bitter water for the Essene.

Yes my sweet blossom. But please wind down a bit,
your going to give us all indigestion before we start
the feast.
(Aside to the audience).... The tongue has no
bones, so its very loose...

(PALAT goes out gate and DEVORAH goes into home , 
MIRIAM begins to sing a fragment of the theme song)

MIRIAM (Singing lightly)
Where they hid in the hills was a mystery
But now it's time to place my son in history!......

(SHIMON enters courtyard)

Shimon, have you been studying the answers to the
questions in the EXACT order that we set out?

Yes ema, I've got the order down, but it's going to be
awfully complicated. Shouldn't we try something
simpler? What if something goes wrong?

You leave that to me! Don't get the shakes on me now.
Breathe deeply and picture the falls of En Gedi in your
(She points to a location in the distance)
Now that's a picture of serenity!

(Students are peering into the gateway)

Oh look, here are some of you classmates! Start them
playing on the tops ...

(Guests begin to arrive and DEVORAH renters to
evaluate candidates as they arrive.
Students start spinning tops and LEMUEL
the scribe with his custom Hanukkiyah comes in with 
PALAT, supplies in hand)

I must commend you for your fine workmanship. The
combination of the Quills over the inkpots and the
scales are exactly what I was hoping for. And here is
our aspiring Scribe.. Shimon, let me commend you for the
fine handwriting on your application; the prospects are promising.

Thank you honorable transcriber of the Torah. I hope I
prove worthy of your enquires.

(LEMUEL is seated by some family business
records which he starts examining and
correcting, then MIRIAM, shaking a
tambourine, enters with BENYAMIN the Pharisee)

Announcing Benyamin of the Perushim party.

Welcome Benyamin. It is good to see you again.
I see you have brought your
Hanukkiyah as well.

It is perfect in design. I especially appreciate the
fence which can be expanded outwards.
(Walks by and observes HANNAH with
serving tray)

And you young Shimon, you'll get far among the Perushim
with a mother who keeps such a kosher kitchen as this!

I have come to understand your priorities on keeping
things in their separate appointed places.

LEMUEL (addressing PALAT)
You have made some errors in your business records which
I am taking the time to amend. A perfect record is a happy record!

(PALAT observers, and forces a smile,
turns and half begins a choking action)

(DEVORAH leads BENYAMIN to a place where
little lattice fences are placed, which
he promptly begins to adjust outwards.
MIRIAM leads in ALEXANDER the Sadducee,
clearing the children before his path.)

Alexander, son of Calev ON THE SANHEDRIN - Did I not tell
you my son would do a beautiful job on the Roman

Yes and I am impressed with the Greek laurels you have
painted on each of the ends. Shimon, your family seems
to bridge the cultures easily. And your father knows the
intricacies of trade! The Zaddukim will be pleased!

I understand you have been to Rome. I have much to
learn about the world around me.
(Motions to the west)

DEVORAH (brushing in)
My daughter too is eager to travel and see the world!
Hannah, could you please serve the guests some mint tea?

(PALAT leads ALEXANDER to his place
raised up higher than the others with
some small Corinthian columns behind him.
He begins to nervously play with a small
scepter like rod in a regal manner)

(Meanwhile, ZADDOK the Essene enters
unnoticed and takes a place in the middle
while the others are preoccupied. He
suddenly sneezes from his dusty cloak and
startles everyone.)

Recruiter of the Hasidim! Welcome to my father's house.
I hoped that you had not gone away yet. Again, how many
year's wait to be taught by the disciples of the Teacher?

Exactly two. I must thank you for the plain design,
and the hiding of the lamps in the mouths of the caves.
The Guardian will be ecstatic!

(Rabbi YEHUDAH is met at the door by
PALAT and HANNAH and takes a seat behind
all the others. LEMUEL takes out a
legal bill and begins an animated
discussion with ALEXANDER)

(BENYAMIN and) ZADDOK takeover a game of
tops in progress and begin to argue on
the proper rules)

No, this will not do. The top should always spin to the
right, the favored hand of Elohim!

That is not proper! It shouldn't spin joyfully until
the priesthood is restored! To the left, the left!
(MIRIAM breaks between them to restore decorum.)

MIRIAM (not realizing the rabbis arrival)
Erev Tov to all of our guests this evening. We are
honored to have each of you in our home for the
celebration tonight. Let us join in a song while we
await the Rabbi's arrival.

(HI'NE MA TOV (traditional) is sung and students do
circle dance while a worried HANNAH
informs MIRIAM that the Rabbi has been
overlooked. He is hurried to the front by
PALAT as the chorus ends)

HI NE MA TOV   (Traditional)

Hi'ne ma tov uma naim, shevet achim gam yachad (2x)
Hi'ne ma tov...shevet achim gam yachad (2x) Repeat



Excuse our oversight, Rabbi Yehudah has arrived. Rabbi Yehudah,

will you bless our meal before the celebration begins.

Erev Tov, friends of PALAT ben Ishi and family.
A warm reception especially to our distinguished guests.
Shalom to you on this eighth and last night. Hanukkah
is a feast of great joy and merriment. It does not have
the solemnity of other occasions such as Yom Kippur.
Certainly not a time to fast.
One is reminded of the neighbor of a frugal Rabbi,
who was overheard saying to his friend;
"Why, our Rabbi is so poor, that if he didn't fast
every Monday and Thursday, he'd starve to death."
As you can see, the Lord has blessed me with the fat of many feasts.

(Raise hands to bless)
"Dear Almighty Maker of the Heavens, we ask for your
rich presence to be in our midst as we celebrate this
Feast of Dedication. Bless the fruit of the earth and
vine as we fellowship at this happy time. Amen!"

(The traditional song MI Y'MALEL is sung
and the women circle dance separate from
the students and all the men at the
urging of the Rabbi join in a line

MI Y'MALEL  ( Traditional)

Who can retell the things that befell us?
Who can count them?
In ev'ry age a hero or sage arose to our aid.
(Repeat Above)
Sh'ma! At this time of year in days of yore
The Maccabees our Temple did restore;
And today our people as a priest
Will arise, unite and be redeemed.
(Repeat 1st refrain and end.)

Don't forget there are plenty of the fried
sweet cakes,
nectar, and
bitter water for those who are accustomed to
it. We have taken the time to hide the Hanukkah coins
around our dwelling, and all of our guests are welcome
to search them out.

(The guests search in some places and
find some coins. An argument breaks out
between BENYAMIN and ALEXANDER over whose
image should be on the Jewish coins;
meanwhile the Essene is placing the
tops at the mouths of his caves. Shimon
bravely pours cups of bitter water for
the Essene and himself. LEMUEL suddenly
turns and it startled by the tapestry
Yehudah has brought.)

Of course, its only proper that Shimon the Maccabee's
picture be on the coins. A symbol of leadership!

No, I do not agree... Only a king descended from Yudah
should be on the coins, David perhaps....

PALAT (intervening)
We will now ask the Rabbi Yehudah to start the lighting
of the lamps and tell us the Hanukkah story.

Blessed art Thou, O Adonai our Elohim, King of the
Universe, who has sanctified us by His commandments, and
has commanded us to kindle the light of Hanukkah.
Blessed art Thou, O Adonai our Elohim, King of the
Universe, who wrought miracles for our fathers in days
of old, at this season.
(Lights are kindled on all the hanukkiyah
from left to right, using the shamash.
MIRIAM, HANNAH, and Devorah all have one
candle lit to light the shamash candle
for all the others. YEHUDAH continues
the blessing.)

We kindle these lights on account of the deliverances,
miracles and wonders which you did work for our fathers
in those days at this season, by means of Thy holy
cohenim. During all the eight days of Hanukkah these
lights are sacred. It is not permitted for us to make
any use of them; but only to look at them.
In order that we may give thanks and praise to Thy
great name for Thy miracles, Thy wonders, and Thy
deliverances. Amen!
My students have been studying the prophecies of
Daniel concerning our times. We reviewed how Antiochus
Epiphanes desecrated the altar of the Temple and set up
the abomination of desolation, an altar to Zeus.
For over two years this terrible violation continued
as Antiochus attempted to force our people to deny their
Then one day, an officer of Antiochus was killed
at Modin by a godly Hasmonean named Mattathias. Armed
resistance spread to the rugged hill country.
Yudah Maccabeus, one of the five sons of Mattathias,
began to conquer large forces of soldiers sent by
Antiochus to crush the resistance. But let Daniel speak
directly. Of Antiochus Daniel predicted;

"With flattery he will corrupt those who have
violated the covenant, but the people who know their
God will firmly resist him. Those who are wise will
instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the
sword or be burned or captured or plundered...."
(Dan. 11:32,33)

(Lights fade down on home as the scrim
lights revealing Yudah Maccabee in battle
dress, with his brother Shimon beside the
altar holding a vial of sacred oil.)

Shimon, we can wait no longer to rededicate the Temple.
We have rebuilt the defiled altar with new stones. The
Levites have stored the old ones until a prophet should
come and tell us what to do with them.

Yes, Yudah, we have waited long enough for the
Hassidim's miracle. We have purged the Temple of the
worship of Zeus, torn down the latticework of the cult
prostitution, and fashioned new vessels for the worship rituals.

Mosheh dedicated the Tent of Meeting over eight days.
King Shlomo dedicated the First Temple over the eight
days of
Sukkoth. And now let it be declared that we shall
celebrate for eight days starting on the 25th of Kislev,
a Feast of Lights. It is exactly three years since the
profaner defiled the Holy Temple.

SHIMON MACCABEE (holding up vial)
We have found but one vessel of holy olive oil whose
seal was not broken ... With that we will light the
sacred Menorah, representing the presence of Elohim the
Most High. But a new supply cannot be consecrated in
time before it runs out! Nonetheless, Let us light the
lamp of Elohim!

We have waited for months to see the fire come from
Heaven to kindle the altar as it did in the times of
Mosheh and King Shlomo. To our keen disappointment this
seems not to be the time for such a sign. Yet the
Hassidim blame us!
Perhaps our miracle has already happened.
"Dear Elohim, we thank you for the miracles, for the
Redemption, for the mighty deeds and triumphs, and for
the battles which You performed. You delivered the
strong into the hands of the weak, the many into the
hands of the few.
As your prophet Zechariah has said in the vision,
"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the
Adonai Almighty. Amen!" -
(Zechariah 4:6)


SCRIM fades and lights come back up
on the courtyard. Rabbi YEHUDAH has moved
to the back and is obscured by the
others. Miriam is seen on side
rechecking the order of the papyrus
fragments with the questions of the
scholars on them. PALAT reluctantly, is
seen moving the tapestry of the statue to
divide SHIMON from the sight of the rest
but he is still fully visible to the audience.)

Thank you for your presence at our Hanukkah celebration.
As you know we have some special guests from the
scholarly schools here tonight. My gifted son Shimon,
in search of his future choice of vocation, has found
much value in all of the fields of study.
In order to demonstrate Shimon's knowledge of each of
the religious parties, the scholars will test him with
questions they have submitted, while he is concealed
behind the tapestry. In fact, they may even disguise
their voices, in order to increase the challenge.

(SHIMON looks startled at this new
condition. He begins to count his
fingers, checking the order to come in
his mind)

MIRIAM (summoning guests)
Our four guests that will alternate are; LEMUEL of the
Soferim; BENYAMIN of the Perushim; ALEXANDER of the
Zaddukim; where did he go... or there you
are.. ZADDOK of the Hassidim.
As the River Yarden in high season, let the questions flow!
(The scholars all switch positions and
MIRIAM hands the first one to ALEXANDER)

The party of the Zaddukim derive their origin from what
Israelite ancestor?

From the sons of Zaddok whose father was installed as
high priest under King Shlomo.

A member of this community, upon rising in the morning,
does what before he has said a word to anyone?

In the Assembly of the camps, a Hasid sings a hymn of
praise to Elohim before he says any other words.

In our daily experiences, what kinds of law are used for
ordering our lives?

The Perushim believe that both the written word of the
Torah AND the oral word passed down to us from our
fathers is to be observed.

What Egyptian ruler gave orders that the Torah should be
translated into Greek from Hebrew, ... how many were
sent from Yerushalayim to translate it, ... how many
days did it take?

The ruler Ptolemy Philadelph
ious in Alexandria... with 72
scribes .. in just 72 days!

(With a burst of excitement MIRIAM jumps
for joy, suddenly flinging the remaining
questions on the floor all out of order.
She and PALAT desperately gather them up
exchanging looks of dismay, and the
scholars also scramble out of order.
She nervously hands out the next
question to Benyamin. Shimon is again
seen counting his fingers in order. The
mixed up answers Shimon begins to give
bring varied reactions from whoever is
pleased or offended by them.)

Young Shimon, can you tell me what kind of penalties
you would impose for inns near Yerushalayim whose menus
do not list kosher food?

If they contained but one small mistake, they would be
taken, burned, and buried in the ground!

What is the best way to foster a positive relationship
with the Roman General Pompey, as he heads this way from the north?

Such a one should be made to study in the city beside a
house of noisy donkey merchants, until he repents to the
Guardian of the Community.

(Reactions of Scholars grow more
confused and divided. PALAT is off to
side holding his head with hands)

If a newly married man finds that his wife can't cook
worth lentils, what should he say to his new father in

Your cook must satisfy the customers needs, or your
license to sell will be pulled from you!

If a student is not able to keep silent while his
instructor is teaching, how should he be disciplined?

When he enters, a fanfare of trumpets should be blown
and flower petals thrown at his feet, to persuade him to negotiate.

(Shimon and the Questioners grow
increasingly restive and divided.
Meanwhile, HANNAH enters with a
tray of sweetbread and PALAT makes a
hopeless effort towards crowd control.)

PALAT (rushes in with serving tray)
Would you like another serving of sweetbread?

SHIMON (blindly)
......No!.. for the Teacher of Righteousness has urged
us to be moderate in our pleasures.

ALEXANDER (exasperated)
....By what name should the Roman Governor be addressed
when He pays a state visit?

SHIMON (disoriented)

BENYAMIN (perfunctory)
....... What personality best describes the most honored
leader of the Perushim party?

SHIMON (quickly)
... Ahhhhaa ....VINEGAR??!

(All Pandemonium breaks out as the
recruiters begin to fight in a square.
SHIMON is pulled into the center by
MIRIAM to resolve the dispute. PALAT
tries unsuccessfully to mediate on the
borders.. The situation continues to
deteriorate, they thrust their hands on
opposite sides of SHIMON's shoulders in
an effort to direct their maledictions
to the intended victim on the other

May you own five ships of gold -- ALL WRECKED!

May you spend all you have on physicians!

May you be seized by a nine year convulsion!

May all your teeth fall out, except one, so you can have
a toothache!
(The Rabbi YEHUDAH forcefully intervenes)

SHALOM! SHALOM!!!! For the sake of my sanity, and that
of my student Shimon, I must intervene! Shimon my son,
just as wheat cannot be without some straw, so no dream
is without some nonsense.

(Scholars sheepishly drift back to their original places.)

YEHUDAH (cont.)
And what a nonsense-fest we are having! Storms pass,
but their driftwood remains.
Your dream is one of great worth. To seek a vocation
of study that will open to you the wisdom of the ages!
And how do we know we are attaining that wisdom? Where
many go, no grass grows! One coin in a bottle rattles;
the bottle filled with coins makes no sound!

(YEHUDAH turns to the four recruiters and
addresses them one by one starting with
LEMUEL the Sofer)

Those who consider a thing proved, simply because it is
in print are fools! Don't make fun of the ignorant,
you may be maligning your ancestry! The world stands
firm because of those who close their lips during a quarrel.

(To ALEXANDER the Z'adduk)
No office can dignify a man, but many a man dignifies
his office. Impudence is sovereignty without a crown.
More smoke than roast!

(To ZADDOK the Hasid)
The door which is not opened for a beggar, will open for
a doctor. In the desert, thorn bushes are veritable fir
trees! A little charm does no harm!

(To BENYAMIN the Perush)
Some men can't even spare a sigh. No physician can cure
a prejudice, which is a blindness of the mind! Don't
make a fence that is more expensive than what is fenced in!!

(Lights fade on courtyard, A full verse
instrumental as SHIMON, in obviously
distress, goes outside in the night and
prays. Meanwhile, the other guests are
bid a silent farewell one by one and
family exits to home after PALAT returns
the tapestry to the wall. This leaves
only a prayerful backlit Rabbi YEHUDAH in
the courtyard looking on. SHIMON begins to sing)

by Helen Hooker
Solo by Robbie Maxwell

1. O Lord at last, I turn my soul to You, alone
I hear Your voice, as wisdom calling me to Her home
I pull down ev'ry thought, ev'ry idol
That competes with You for my heart
Send Your light, send Your truth, let them guide me
I surrender now, every part

2. I dedicate my purpose Adonai, to you
I give my mind as a lamp to be lit\ only by You
Shine the light of Your Word into my darkness
Cause my prideful heart to understand
Fill my anxious thoughts with Your Wisdom
Let me burn with Light from above...

(Light fades as instruments slowly
and stop as light come back up on
Yeshiva where students along with
SHIMON gather for another class.)


Well my young seekers, it is good to have you back in
class after all the excitement of yesterday. We shall
complete our study of the Hanukkah predictions from
Daniel and then look at a final vision from the prophet Zechariah.

Zebulun, stay with me! Many are those who slumber at
the threshold of a rich storehouse and fail to enter in!
To seek wisdom in old age is like a mark in the sand; To
seek wisdom in youth is like an inscription on stone!

What is the answer to the question of our day? Why,
one hundred years after the Hanukkah victory of the
Maccabees, do we see the veil of Roman oppression
looming over us? Why no fire of ELOHIM on the altar?
The answer is found in the tapestry which separated
Shimon, and the vocation of study he was seeking.

Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian Empire of gold; the
silver Kingdom of the Persian Darius; the bronze Grecian
Marketplace of Alexander the Great. This culture of the
Marketplace has been a divine preparation. An
established network of trade routes, a common currency,
and a commerce version of the Greek language.

With the Torah now in this language, the message of
the one God and His Kingship over the nations can be
spread far and wide. Rather than compromise the faith of
our Father Avraham with the idolatry of the Greeks, the
faith will be the over comer. But, as Daniel predicts,
there is more to come! Shimon could you continue the
reading from the last lesson?

SHIMON (reading)
"Finally, there will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron
- for iron breaks and smashes ever
ything, it will
crush and break all the others. As the toes were partly
iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly
strong and partly brittle. In the time of those kings,
the Elohim of Heaven will set up a kingdom that will
never be destroyed." (Dan.2:40,42,44a)

Of course, that's what Daniel meant! The Greeks
produced goods and traded them in the marketplaces of
their kingdom. The Romans excel in military power but
produce little else to trade with. Their kingdom holds
together only by smashing nations, and then exploiting
their riches. When they run out of nations......

(Other students begin to look amazed and
dismayed at SHIMON's rapid advancements)

An excellent insight Shimon! The Adonai has blessed you
with something I have never considered. Look what
Daniel then tells us, "While you were watching a rock cut
out of a mountain, but not by human hands ..struck the
statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed the

iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the
gold...Broken to pieces like chaff, the wind swept them
away without leaving a trace. But the rock which struck
the statue became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth."
(Dan. 2:34.35,45b)

SHIMON (interjecting)
Did not King David speak "He alone is my Rock and my
salvation, he is my fortress, I will not be shaken."
(Psalm. 62:2)
Surely this Rock is the coming Messiah who is to
establish the Kingdom of Elohim on earth! The Menorah
has a shamash, a servant candle, to light all the other
lamps! So the prophet Yeshayahu speaks of the Shamash
of the Adonai. "Here is my Servant, whom I uphold, my
chosen one in whom I delight. ....a light that will
bring revelation to the Goyim, and glory to your people
(Is. 42:1/Lk.2:32)

YEHUDAH (exclamation!)

The Elohim of our fathers is
granting you insight now that you have focused on the
pursuit of true wisdom! Perhaps YOU will be the one to
recognize and greet the Messiah!

No study of the history of the Hanukkah season would
be complete without recounting the vision of the Menorah
amidst the Olive trees given to the prophet Z'kharyah.

"Then the angel .. wakened me ... and asked me,
'What do you see?' I answered, 'I see a solid gold
Menorah with a bowl at the top and seven lights on
it, with seven channels to the lights. And there
are two olive trees by it, one on the right of the
bowl and the other on the left."

"I asked the angel ... What are these? This is
the word of the Adonai to Zerubbabel: Not by might
nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Adonai
Shaddai. ... These are the two who are anointed to
serve the Lord of all the earth."
(Zech. 4: 1a,c;2-6;14)

Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the
Lord! Of course! The vision is a perfect illustration
of what Hanukkah points to in the future. The Menorah
is Israel bearing spiritual light to all nations about
the Creator of all men. The two olive trees represent
the priest Yoshua and the governor Zerubbabel The olive
oil represents the Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit of Elohim.

Like oil, the Ruach Ha Kodesh lubricates against wear
in the service of Elohim, promotes healing, lights our
path, warms our spirits, gives us joyful energy, adorns
our bodies, and makes our faces shine.

The Menorah of the Temple depends on priests to keep
it burning. The Menorah of
Z'kharyah's vision with it's
multiplied channels of fresh supply, depends on no man
for its witness of light.
We, as witnesses of the Adonai are like the wicks
of the lamps. Dependent on the oil to give light to
others, from hour to hour supplied anew.

(Rabbi YEHUDAH gives a cheer and
begins to dance with joy with SHIMON as
a lively melody strikes up. {ie. Klezmer
style with clarinet} The other students
initially are jealous and throw balls of
scrunched up papyri at SHIMON but
restrain themselves after they see the
Rabbi's exuberance. Lights fade as
students follow YEHUDAH and SHIMON in a
line dance out the door.)

RABBI'S DANCE (O Wake O Israel)  
- Instrumental & Dance


(Night lights come up on HANNAH at the
Tekoa olive grove, crickets chirping)

How I treasure my visit to Yerushalayim for the
celebration. I long to return there to live so I can
spend time in the courts of the Holy One. I can't stop
telling my friends about all I saw. Especially about
the commotion at the party......
(Thunder sounds)
"Dear Lord, I thank you for the way you have settled
Shimon's spirit to follow your true path of wisdom.
Please prepare him for the great purpose you have for
him in the future."

(At this point HANNAH sings the last
verse of her song, TO DWELL IN YOUR COURTS 

,reprise, after a brief intro.)

by Helen Hooker
Solo by Rachel Abrams

Blessed is the one you cause to approach you
That he may dwell in your courts
I'll be satisfied with the goodness of Your House
Of Your Holy Temple

Blessed are those who hide in Your secret place
I have set my heart on pilgrimage to You
I have set my love on You...

(Music ends and the renewed sounds
of thunder fill the air)

Hannah! Please come in at once! The weather is turning
bad. There is so much to do tomorrow and I want you to
write a letter to that young scribe up in Jerusalem ....
aahaa yes, Lemuel. Your abba is going up next week and
may drop by for a chat. Forget about Nabal in Tekoa. He
is mediocre. Not close to wise, and not far from foolish!

(Lights fade as HANNAH & DEVORAH go in
while the sounds of a storm grows
stronger. A stage hand anchors a strong
filament line to center stage which goes
up to a black mountain outline on the
side of the theatre wall in the
audience. A costumed florescent actor
takes up position in the same poise as
the statue on the tapestry and freezes.
The black light is activated as an eerie
music chords itself through the dark.
In the workshop {stage right} the stone
forge has had a large tumbleweed placed
on it and instead of glowing coals one
now sees a burning bush with Moses
taking off his sandals and kneeling
before it.
The focus shifts to stage left in the
Tekoa olive grove where the Menorah of
Zechariah's vision is seen floating
between two olive trees {flat cutouts or
3d} All Florescent. Then the sound of
armies battling amidst the thunder comes
in. The actor- statue animates and
begins challenging the nations around
the stage to battle. Suddenly a light
flashes on the summit of the mountain
and the live statue challenges it with
his sword at center stage. A jagged
rock {foam & fabric} comes from the peak
down the line to hit the live
Tree Of Light - II, vi, 37.

statue at its feet and in a puff of
smoke it falls to the ground and
disappears. The clamor abruptly stops
and the intro to the song IN OUR DAYS
begins while the scrim activates and the
outline of another mountain rolls upward
in the scrim appearing to grow from the
smaller rock. And the song is sung by
offstage vocalists)

In Our Days   (Daniel 2:27,44)
by Helen Hooker
Duet by Cindy Fuller & Larry Heather

1. In our days, the God of heaven will set up
In our days, the God of heaven will set up
A Kingdom that will never be destroyed
A Kingdom that will never be destroyed
Or left for others - - In our days! (Dan. 2:44)

2. In our days, there is a God in Heaven
Who reveals, His secrets to our hearts
The mysteries, no wise man, no enchanter,
             No magician or diviner--             
can explain --In our days

3. In our days prepare the way of the Lord
Soon will come, the tender mercy of our God
Give His people the knowledge of salvation
For the Morning Star will rise on us
From heaven -- In our days!....


(Scrim fades slowly in the last verse
and music ends in the dark.)


(Music sound track begins and Scrim
lights in the Temple for New Testament
ending of LUKE 2:25-40 with an elderly
baby YESHUA and a few Temple

NARRATOR (all voiceovers)
"There was in Yerushalayim a man named Shimon. This man
was righteous man, he was devout, he waited eagerly for
G-d to comfort Yisrael, and the Ruach Ha Kodesh was upon
him. It had been revealed to him by the Ruach Ha Kodesh
that he would not die before he had seen the Messiah of Adonai.
(An aged SHIMON enters from scrim right
to encounter MIRYAM and YOSEF and the
baby YESHUA coming from scrim left)

Prompted by the Spirit, he went into the Temple
courts; and when the parents brought in the child Yeshua
to do for him what the Torah required, Shimon took him
in his arms, made a b'rakkah to G-d, and said,

SHIMON (cont'd)
"Now, Adonai, according to your word, Your

"Now, Adonai, according to your word, Your shamash is
at peace as you let him go;
For I have seen with my own eyes your yeshu'ah,
Which you prepared in the presence of all peoples -
A light that will bring revelation to the Goyim, And
glory to your people Israel."

Yeshua's father and mother were
marveling at the things
Shimon was saying about him. Shimon blessed them and
said to the child's mother Miryam,....

"This child will cause many in Israel to fall and to
rise, He will become a sign whom people will speak
against; Moreover, a sword will pierce your own heart too,
All this will happen in order to reveal many people's
innermost thoughts."

(SHIMON exits scrim right and an aged
HANNAH and observers enters from same)

There was also a prophetess named Hannah bat Panuel, of
the tribe of Asher. She was a very old woman - she had
lived with her husband seven years after her marriage,
and she had remained a widow ever since; now she was
She never left the Temple grounds but worshipped
there night and day, fasting and praying. She came by
that moment and began thanking G-d and speaking about
the child to everyone who was waiting for Yerushalayim
to be liberated.
(HANNAH exits..)

When Yosef and Miryam had finished doing everything
required by the Torah of Adonai, they returned to the
Galil, to their own town Natzeret."
(Luke 2:25-40)
(They exit and the reprise of IN OUR DAYS vs. 1 & 3, begins as entire CAST
assembles for curtain call and sing

** Luke 2:25-40 excerpted from the Jewish New Testament,
by Dr. David H. Stern, P.O. Box 615, Clarksville, MD.
21029, (410)764-6144, Used with permission.

IN OUR DAYS  - Reprise
by Helen Hooker

1. In our days the God of heaven will set up
In our days the God of heaven will set up
A Kingdom that will never be destroyed
A Kingdom that will never be destroyed
Or left for others - In our days!

4. In our days, prepare the way of the Lord
Now has come, the tender mercy of our God
Give His people the knowledge of salvation
For the Morning Star, has ris'n on us
From heaven In our days!