Larry Heather - Independent
- Social Credit Candidate
in Calgary Acadia

May 29th, 2023 alberta
Provincial Election

five Videos From the Calgary-Lougheed ByElection
The Same Message that Larry has in the Provincial Election, may 29th, 2023!
Go figure! the same principles ruling from election to election!





Larry's Full Policy Manual
Condensed policies below
1.The individual is the most important factor in organized society, and as a divinely created being, with both spiritual and physical potentials and needs, has certain inalienable rights which must be respected and preserved.
2.The major function of democratic government in organized society is to secure for the people the results the people want from the management of their public affairs as far as such results are physically possible and morally right.
3.Security with freedom. Material security alone is not enough. Each individual must be secure in the knowledge that he or she is worthy, respected, equal and free, and that the freedom to choose his or her destiny is an inalienable right.
4.Whatever is physically possible and desirable, and morally right, should be made financially possible.

1.To promote the principles of Social Credit.
2.To promote the objectives of the Independent Social Credit Candidate, as related to these principles.
3.To promote the election of enough Independent Social Credit Candidates to reestablish the Alberta Social Credit Party to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to form the government and thus make possible the implementation of Social Credit principles.

1.To study and extend the knowledge of the principles of Social Credit and their application in Alberta.
2.To establish responsible and effective democratic government in Alberta.
3.To oppose and expose any attempts to weaken the democratic sovereignty and the democratic institutions of the people by the means of increased centralization of power.
4.To oppose any attempt to spread or implant the seeds of racial discrimination, class hatred or religious intolerance among the citizens of Alberta.
5.To obtain the economic security which the vast resources of Alberta can provide for its citizens.
6.To make poverty and privation totally unnecessary.
7.To secure freedom from oppressive debt and taxation.
8.To influence the provincial economy through the Alberta Treasury Branch and other provincial financial institutions through such measures as low interest loans.
9.To provide the people of Alberta with an effective organization for obtaining information on matters essential to their welfare and for taking action to assert their democratic will.
10.To foster, advance and promote the attainment of a humanitarian society within the framework of a realistic and responsible free economy.


Larry's Full Policy Manual

what happenned eight years ago?


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